Menu Shortcuts – What are those underlined letters in the Menus for?

Underlined Menu Items

Underlined Menu Items

Menu Shortcuts – Have you ever noticed that in just about every program that has menus, such as the Microsoft Office programs, that each menu item has one letter that is underlined? That letter is the shortcut key for that menu. To use it, hold down the ALT key and press the letter of the menu you want.

Once you have the menu open, you’ll notice that some of those options have an underlined letter too. Just press that letter, on your keyboard, to choose that option. For instance, to get the PRINT option from the FILE menu, press the ALT key, then press “F”, then press “P”. This will open the print dialog screen.

Of course, some of the more popular menu choices, such as the Print function, have an additional shortcut combination as well. A quicker way to call up the Print option is to just press CTRL & P.






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