Excel RAND Function – Real Random Numbers

The Excel RAND Function is one of the Excel Formulas that is great to know, when you need to make calculations or lookup values that are buried in your data or simply compare values or format them. So learning which ones to use and how to use them is imperative if you want to bump up your skill level.

Description of the Excel RAND Function

Returns an evenly distributed random real number greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1. A new random real number is returned every time the worksheet is calculated.

Excel RAND Function

Syntax of the Excel RAND Function:

  • =RAND()
  • This function has NO arguments. (Nothing goes between the parenthesis)
  • =RAND(SomeValue) = Excel will not allow this and forces you to change it.


  • =RAND() = 0.854263006
  • =-RAND() = -0.171723312
  • =RAND()*100 = 53.65104223
  • =ROUND(RAND() * 100, 0) = 91
  • =INT(RAND()*100) = 73
Excel RAND Function

Excel RANDBETWEEN Function

The RANDBETWEEN Function makes life a little easier, by automatically choosing a random number between the starting and ending values passed to the function. Even though you can get the same results using just the RAND Function, it saves you a few steps and is a little less complex to setup. This function only returns Whole Numbers, so if you require decimal values, you will need to use the RAND Function instead.

Syntax of the Excel RANDBETWEEN Function:

  • =RANDBETWEEN(Starting Value, Ending Value)
  • Both the Starting and Ending Values must be a valid positive or negative number.
  • Although you can submit decimal values, it will only calculate to the nearest Whole Number.


  • =RANDBETWEEN(25, 75)
  • =RANDBETWEEN(200, 1000)
  • =RANDBETWEEN(-15, -50)
  • =RANDBETWEEN(-1, 1)
  • =RANDBETWEEN(-100, 100)
Excel RANDBETWEEN Function

Download The Example Spreadsheets Here:

The Excel RAND Function

The Excel RANDBETWEEN Function

Why Would You Use The Excel RAND Function or the Excel RANDBETWEEN Function?

The Excel RAND Function and the Excel RANDBETWEEN Function can give you unpredictable results which are great if you need to put a little randomness in your equations or you need to simulate a roll of the dice. Many video games and card games use random numbers so that you can have a unique experience every time you play. Excel can facilitate gaming or at least gaming tools to help you calculate the randomness of your games.


Regardless of which function you use, playing around with Random Numbers can actually be very beneficial if you need to add a bit of randomness to your spreadsheets. Both of these functions are great tools to have in your arsenal to help you make decisions, play games or just have some fun. So play around with them and enjoy!!

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