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The Excel CONCATENATE Function is great for joining cells together. It is another one of the most used functions that is great to know, when you need to create strings of information from separate cell data. Yet another tool to add to your Function Arsenal!

Description of the Excel Concatenate Function

This function is used to to join two or more text strings into one string.

Excel CONCATENATE Function:

Syntax of the Excel SUM Function:

  • CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], ...)
  • text1 (Required) - The 1st item to join. This can be a text value, number, or a reference to a cell.
  • text2 (Optional) - Any additional items you want to join. You can have up to 255 items, up to a total of 8,192 characters.
  • If you are joining cells with numbers in them, it will NOT add the numbers together. It will simply join them together as a string of characters. See below for examples.
  • Typing Text directly into the function, requires quotation marks around the text or you will get the #NAME? error. This goes for adding spaces too.


  • =CONCATENATE("Rick", "Grimes") = "RickGrimes" - (No Space Between The Words)
  • =CONCATENATE("Glen", " ", "Rhee") = "Glen Rhee" - (2nd argument is a "Space")
  • =CONCATENATE(Merle, Dixon) = #NAME? - (You must use "Quotation Marks" on text)
  • =CONCATENATE(12, 47) = "1247" - (Numbers are treated as if they are text)
  • =CONCATENATE(123, 456) = "123456"
  • =CONCATENATE(24.546, 32.703) = "24.54632.703"


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Excel CONCATENATE Function

Download The Example Spreadsheet Here:

The Excel CONCATENATE Function

Why use the Excel CONCATENATE Function?

This function is great for formatting reports and many other needs. You can add values to sentences written in English, or other languages, to display your data as if you were speaking it to someone. It allows you to show data in a single cell as opposed to individual cells. If you have a First Name and a Last Name separated into individual cells, but you need to address the person by their whole name, then you can use the Excel CONCATENATE Function to do just that!


I'm pretty sure the Conclusion is Foregone, but we'll attempt it none-the-less. Basically, if you need to join multiple cells into a single cell, but you do not want to do any calculations, then this function will do the trick. It also allows you to join text with numbers and numbers with numbers, so if you need to do any combination of this, then learn the Excel CONCATENATE Function.

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