Excel LOWER Function: How Low Can You Go?

The Excel LOWER Function is another Text manipulation function that will change all of the characters that are in a string of text to lowercase. It is yet another one of the most used functions that is great to know, when you need to use lowercase exclusively.

Description of the Excel LOWER Function

Converts all letters in a text string to lowercase.

Excel LOWER Function:

Syntax of the Excel LOWER Function:

  • LOWER(text)
  • text (Required) - The text you want to convert to lowercase.
  • The Excel LOWER Function does not change the characters in the text string that are not letters.


  • =LOWER("Text String") = text string
  • =LOWER("AbcDeFgHIJKlmnopQRstUvWXyz") = abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • =LOWER("123ATV456bmw") = 123atv456bmw
  • =LOWER(A1) = All Letter Characters, in cell A1, are converted to Lowercase
  • =LOWER("LOWERCASE") = lowercase
  • =LOWER("UPPERCASE") = uppercase
Excel LOWER Function

Short Explanation Of The Nested Formulas

We have already covered the Excel FIND Function in a previous post, so you may remember that it is Case Sensitive. In the given Text String, we are looking for the word "TexT", but in the formula, we pass "text" which is all lowercase. In the last formula, I did not use the Excel LOWER Function and the result was the error #VALUE!. This is because the Excel FIND Function, sees "TexT" and "text" as a mismatch. Since it did not find a match, it returns an error.

The Excel LOWER Function Saves The Day!

Knowing that the Excel FIND Function is case sensitive, we can use the Excel LOWER Function to make sure that the case of the text does not affect our search. We could, of course, use the Excel SEARCH Function to do this as well, but then I wouldn't be able to show you a good use of the Excel LOWER Function!   ;-P

Download The Example Spreadsheet Here:

The Excel LOWER Function

Why use the Excel LOWER Function?

There are times when you have User Input and you just never know how they will be entering data. If you need to make sure that the format is useful to you, then you can use the Excel LOWER Function to change the case to your liking.


While there are other functions that you can use to change the case of your data, the Excel LOWER Function is ideal for changing everything to lowercase. Since most functions can be nested inside of other functions, as seen above, they become all the more powerful.

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Notice how all of the text is lowercase
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