Excel MID Function: In The Middle Of Nowhere!

The Excel MID Function is another Text manipulation function that will grab any of the characters that are in the midst of a string of text. It is yet another one of the most used functions that is great to know, when you need to pull specific information from your text.

Description of the Excel MID Function

The Excel MID Function returns a set number of characters from a string of text, starting at the given position and based on the given number of characters.

Excel MID Function:

Syntax of the Excel MID Function:

  • MID(text, start_num, num_chars)
  • text (Required) - The string of text that has the characters you want to grab.
  • start_num (Required) - The position of the first character you want to grab in the string of text. The first character in string of text has a start number of 1.
  • num_chars (Required) - Specifies how many characters you want the Excel MID Function to return from the string of text.
  • If start_num is greater than the length of text, the Excel MID Function returns an empty text response. (aka - "" double quotation marks = empty text)
  • If start_num is less than the length of the string of text, but start_num plus num_chars goes beyond the length of the string of text, the Excel MID Function returns the characters up to the end of string of text.
  • If start_num is less than 1 or num_chars is negative, the Excel MID Function returns the #VALUE! error.


  • =MID("I am Batman!", 6, 6) = "Batman"
  • =MID("I am Batman!", 3, 2) = "am"
Excel MID Function

Download The Example Spreadsheet Here:

The Excel MID Function

Why use the Excel MID Function?

It is easy enough to use a combination of the Excel LEFT Function and the Excel RIGHT Function to grab the same information. The question then becomes, Why Do That When the Excel MID Function can do it in one fell swoop?!? That!! That is why you use this function over the others. It's that simple!


Sometimes the information you need is on the left side of the string of text and sometimes it is on the right. Easy enough, but when the text you need is somewhere in the middle of the string of text, then this function makes it easier to extract it than using a combination of other functions.

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