Excel RIGHT Function: The Function Is RIGHT!

The Excel RIGHT Function is another Text manipulation function that is great for grabbing every character to the right of the given starting point within another string of text. It is another one of the most used functions that is great to know, when you need to locate specific text within a long string of characters.

Description of the Excel RIGHT Function

The Excel RIGHT Function returns the last character or characters in a text string, based on the number of characters you specify.

Excel RIGHT Function:

Syntax of the Excel LEFT Function:

  • RIGHT(text, [num_chars])
  • text (Required) - The text string that contains the characters you want to grab.
  • num_chars (Optional) - Specifies the number of characters you want the Excel RIGHT Function to grab.
  • The num_chars argument must be greater than or equal to zero. If num_chars is greater than the length of text, RIGHT returns all of text. If num_chars is omitted, it is assumed to be 1.
  • The entire text string is counted, including space characters. So the string
    "Hello There" would have 11 characters, including the space between the words.


  • =RIGHT("Hello There", 5) = "There"
  • =RIGHT("Hello There", 8) = "lo There"
  • =RIGHT("Hello There") = "e"
  • =RIGHT(A1, 3) = The Last 3 characters of the text in A1
Excel RIGHT Function
The last example, in the above spreadsheet image, requires a little bit of an explanation:

In the last entry of the spreadsheet, we use the Excel RIGHT Function in conjunction with the Excel LEN Function as well as the Excel FIND Function.

We are trying to find the last word in the string of text in cell A2, which is "Hello There". This is a simple example where we know that there are only 2 words in the string, but you could use a similar structure to find a word within a larger string as well.

The first argument in the RIGHT formula is the reference to the text string in cell A2. That is the easy part.

The second argument is where it gets a little complicated. The Excel LEN Function finds the total LENGTH of the given string. In this case the total length of "Hello There" is 11 characters, including the Space Character.

Then we used the Excel FIND Function to locate the Space Character, which is at position 6, in the string. We then subtract the position of the Space Character from the total LENGTH of the string to get the number 5.

Here Is The Breakdown On How This Works:

The original formula is this:
=RIGHT(A2, (LEN(A2) - FIND(" ", A2)))

Filling in the values, it becomes this:
=RIGHT("Hello There", (11 - 6)) = "There"

It further breaks down to this:
=RIGHT("Hello There", 5) = "There"

If you have any questions about this formula, please feel free to ask it in the comment section of this post or send a message to me through the Contact page and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Download The Example Spreadsheet Here:

The Excel RIGHT Function

Why use the Excel RIGHT Function?

As you can see, in the above explanation of a formula with nested functions in it, Excel is a very powerful tool for getting what you need from your data. The Excel RIGHT Function alone is useful, but in combination with other Text manipulation functions, it really shines!


If all you need to grab is some data from the right side of a string of characters, then the Excel RIGHT Function is all you need. If you really need to dig deep into the data, then you can use this function, along with others, to get exactly what you need!

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