Excel: Fast AutoFill

Microsoft Excel: Fast Autofill

Microsoft Excel: Fast Autofill

Have you ever needed to fill an entire Row or Column with a Formula or a series of numbers, letters, etc.?

Usually, you would need to grab the small box (the Autofill box), in the corner of the active cell, and drag it all the way down the column to fill in all the required values.

Well, there is a really quick way to do this, when you have hundreds or even thousands of rows to fill in. Rather than dragging the Autofill box, just double-click on it and it will automagically fill in all the cells down the column or across the rows for you. Done!!


Check out the video demonstration, to see it in action.

NOTE: There is an instance where this will not work properly. When you have missing data in either the column to the right or left of the column you are using, the Autofill feature may stop at those blank spots. You can drag the Autofill box down beyond that point and double-click it again, to finish the rest of the column.


Joe Austin

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