Recommendation: Blender 3D

Blender Screenshot

Blender Screenshot

Here is another FREE program that I have used for many years.

Have you ever seen an animated movie, like Toy Story, Cars, Shrek and so on?

Those movies were made with a similar software package that costs thousands of dollars. Well, Blender is actually an extremely powerful program that is absolutely capable of creating movies of the same quality, but it is completely free!


Because it is free, many professionals dismiss it as an inferior program that couldn’t possibly compete with the likes of Maya, 3DS Max and others. It simply is not true. Here is some proof of what Blender can do, and these were done by people who are not even in the industry.

1st – Elephant’s Dream:

2nd – Big Buck Bunny:

3rd – Sintel:

That is not to say that there isn’t a significant learning curve, because there is, but there is a wealth of support and tutorials and books and the like to get you up to speed. It runs on ALL major operating systems too, such as Windows, Snow Leopard (Apple) and Linux, as well as some others.

Here is the Blender 3D website:

I really enjoy this program and wish that I had more time to use it. Hopefully one of you will find it useful.




Joe Austin

Joe Austin is the founder of Potentials Unleashed. He is currently an IT Professional Manager in the Financial Industry and has been using computers since 1978. While mostly self-taught, he is proficient in several computing areas, such as Programming , Web Development, most Microsoft Office programs, Internet Marketing, Spyware / Malware Removal and even 3D Animation & Modeling.

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