Frozen Program: Closing It Using Task Manager

Task Manager - Ctrl-Shift-EscHave you ever had to close a frozen program that just seems to be unresponsive? Using the Task Manager, you can force the frozen program to close. There are two ways to get to the Task Manager. Press the Ctrl, Alt & Delete keys, at the same time and the press the Task Manager button, select the offending program and choose End Task.

A quicker shortcut, is to just press the Ctrl, Shift & Esc keys at the same time. If the whole computer is frozen, then you will want to reboot the computer all together. If you can’t access the Shut Down option, then you can hold the Power button, to force a shut down. See below for specifics.

Task Manager = Ctrl, Shift & Esc

In some cases, you can just right-click the program in the Task Bar and choose the Close Program option.

Hard Rebooting Your Computer

If you just cannot get the program or Windows itself to close, then you may need to do a hard reboot. That means that you will have to hold down the power button for about 4 or 5 seconds, until the computer shuts down. Give the computer a few seconds and then you can power it back up. This saves you from trying to find the power cord to pull out of the wall which can potentially cause a power surge that could damage your PC.

Most likely, this will fix the issue unless you have a more severe issue going on, such as a virus or the computer is just jammed with crippling spyware/malware programs.

In the event that your computer is suffering from spyware/malware, you may want to checkout the Spybot Search & Destroy post, which deals with this issue.


Joe Austin

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