Quickly Viewing Vital PC Info

Vital PC Info - System Info - Win-PauseNeed to quickly see what version of Windows you have, how much RAM (random access memory) you have or how fast your CPU (central processing unit) is and what your network domain and computer name are? If anyone ever asks you what your PC specs are, this is the Vital PC Info you need.


Okay, so how do I find it?

Hold down the Windows key, on your keyboard, and press the Pause/Break key. This will bring up the System Properties dialog, where you can see many other settings too. You can also get there by going through the Control Panel, via Windows Explorer (aka – My Computer)

System Information = Win key & Pause/Break

Note: Laptops may or may not have the Pause/Break key, so you may have to go through the Control Panel to get this information.

Find it through the Control Panel

If you do have to use the Control Panel to find the System Info page, then this is how you do it. Open the Control Panel and look for the SYSTEM option. Click on it and you will see the information you need.



Joe Austin

Joe Austin is the founder of Potentials Unleashed. He is currently an IT Professional Manager in the Financial Industry and has been using computers since 1978. While mostly self-taught, he is proficient in several computing areas, such as Programming , Web Development, most Microsoft Office programs, Internet Marketing, Spyware / Malware Removal and even 3D Animation & Modeling.

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