Reboot!! Restart!! TURN IT OFF THEN ON AGAIN!


Here is a quick tip!


Sometimes, when your computer is running slowly or things just don’t seem to be working right, even though they were working fine just a short time ago, the best solution is to just reboot or restart the computer.

I know, that seems like a cop out when your computer savvy friend tells you to do that, but it really can make a difference. They aren’t just stalling because they don’t know how to help you. In many cases this really is the first thing you should try, before going through all the trouble of running virus, spyware and clean up utilities.

So the next time your computer seems a little quirky and just doesn’t feel right, restart it and you may have just solved your problem.



Joe Austin

Joe Austin is the founder of Potentials Unleashed. He is currently an IT Professional Manager in the Financial Industry and has been using computers since 1978. While mostly self-taught, he is proficient in several computing areas, such as Programming , Web Development, most Microsoft Office programs, Internet Marketing, Spyware / Malware Removal and even 3D Animation & Modeling.

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